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    Our software operates on desktops as well as tablet devices.
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Who We Are
Arose consists of experts in product development and technology. Experienced and educated, our people have provided professional solutions in the Health Services and Insurance industries (EHR systems), Transportation and Logistics industries (TMS systems), Manufacturing and Product/Client Management systems, Business to Business communications and collaboration systems.  We've worked alongside local, state and federal partners and are accustomed to complying with various government technology regulations and standards.
What We Do

Specializing in enterprise level commercial grade software systems, Arose has been designing and developing custom applications for over 10 years. We provide solutions for a wide variety of industries including health services, municipal planning, logistics, manufacturing, and many more.  

We take care to provide products that we can be proud of, products that last, products that make a difference. 

  • Utility Manager has allowed City View Farm to bring our billing and collections of utilities in-house. Prior to using Utility Manager, we outsourced our utility billing. As a result our collection rate was approximately 60%. Once we switched to Utility Manager, we increased our collection rate to 100%. It also allowed to identify problems such as water leaks proactively which saves our tenants money. Utility Manager is amazing!

     Rob Richardson
    Owner, City View Farms 


  • Permits Plus has brought our office into the 21st century.  Having a tool like this to use has increased our office efficiency and made it easier for us to provide information to customers.  Permits Plus is the tool that runs our department.

    Derek Warren
    Assistant City Inspector  Lebanon, IN